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12. Oct, 2016

I got my Smartphone a few years ago. 'It does stuff.' I informed Husband (he loved that). Wouldn't be without it now, and I don't know how many zillion photos I've taken with it that Husband has to file on our home computer. Well over a thousand, particularly since my brain mended.The quality of these pics, on the whole, is pretty good (provided my hands keep still while snapping, not all-a-tremble. When I crop a photo really close, the image can pixilate ie.become pixilated ( :-D!) or broken up. Alternatively, it can give the image an impressionistic look. That's my excuse, but it is a good one and sometimes, I think they do actually look rather interesting.

     I've posted an album on my front page, because this page doesn't allow me to post several at a time, but I'm posting one here.

20. Sep, 2016
20. Sep, 2016

I started a sculpture course in the spring and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Don't ask what the above is. It was supposed to be influenced by Henry Moore. Got that wrong! It's a garden sculpture. First make a clay model (I love clay), then use that to make a plaster mould. Fill your mould with ciment fondu (not edible, but definitely cemen-tish, and fondu-ish. Then bring the whole thing home using your other half's strong arms, then break the whole thing open to produce a solid, white ciment fondu thingy to hawl to the back of your garden. Then let it get overgrown so you don't ever have to look at it again.

17. Sep, 2016
30. Aug, 2016