12. Oct, 2016

Smartphone pics

I got my Smartphone a few years ago. 'It does stuff.' I informed Husband (he loved that). Wouldn't be without it now, and I don't know how many zillion photos I've taken with it that Husband has to file on our home computer. Well over a thousand, particularly since my brain mended.The quality of these pics, on the whole, is pretty good (provided my hands keep still while snapping, not all-a-tremble. When I crop a photo really close, the image can pixilate ie.become pixilated ( :-D!) or broken up. Alternatively, it can give the image an impressionistic look. That's my excuse, but it is a good one and sometimes, I think they do actually look rather interesting.

     I've posted an album on my front page, because this page doesn't allow me to post several at a time, but I'm posting one here.