Factual. articles/anecdotes

I began writing many years ago, but long after I was making art. I love it just as much, have done a couple of writing courses, and have had pieces published. Firstly a years' supply to our local paper, and also to various other magazines. My style in this case is invariably light-hearted articles/anecdotes. I'll be posting these, and any feedback is very welcome.

The Novel

In a completely different vein, I've been writing a novel forever. Well, it feels like forever. It's my only novel, but maybe I'll write something else book length eventually. Who knows? The germ of an idea for the novel began before my kids were born (31 and 28 years ago). I'm a wild west enthusiast, particularly for the rough'n tough shootin' an' sluggin' gals of the west. Gold prospectors, outlaws, saloon owners, cowgirls, ranchers, stage drivers, an' all. I play a conglomeration of these gals at living history camps (www.kitty-le-roy.co.uk), and the protagonist of my story, a fictional biography, is Jeannie Morgan. She's a pants wearin' cowgirl/outlaw/jailbird/deputy sheriff/rancher mayor who's the fastest draw west of the Mississippi. She's devastating. Tomboyishly beautiful, charismatic, magnetic. She's terrifying, hilarious, kind, gentle, loves kids and animals. Too good to be true. I started writing the story after my daughter was born in 1985 after Husband told me to 'get on with it, for goodness sake.' The plot is there, but it's still a beginning, a muddle and an end. Another reason for this blog is to encourage and inspire me to actually finish it then e-publish it.

I will post chapters and hope for some feedback. I've been hopelessly self-conscious about it forever. The fact that there's a goodly amount of sex and violence in it. I've only just recently, since husband and me joined our lovely writing group, grown more confident about it. I remember saying once, many years ago: 'Maybe I'll finish it by the time I'm 60.' Hahaha!