I adore travel. One of my many life goals has been to visit twenty countries before I snuff it. I read somewhere (a travel mag) that you can class yourself a real traveller if you've been to twenty countries. I've managed nineteen so far. This year, we're planning on going to Prague, the Czech Repulic. My twentieth. Yay! I remember as a schoolgirl standing on a north Cornish cliff with my dad, asking him: 'Which country is in that direction?' I pointed out to sea. 'America.' He said. That was it. That was one of my main targets. I achieved it in 1978/9 when I took two Greyhound bus trips around the States, one year for one month, the following year, two. My taste for travel bloomed and will never die. I've been to two extremes of climate. Iceland and Malaysia. I'm proud of that. I've been to Turkey, Africa, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. To America, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal.

A selection of pics below - two Maderia, one from Barcelona and, closer to home, Portsmouth and Portmerion in Wales.