12. Sep, 2016


Ok, I'm slowly getting to grips with this blog biz, but still confused with this site's settings. Never mind, keep at it and see where it goes. 

I've finished a Summer School surface pattern design course (the patterns you find on you-name-its - textiles, china, stationary, wallpaper etc) which I really enjoyed. It disciplined me into creativity and encouraged me into experimenting with all kinds of medium. Even beetroot! Well, there will be a winter school, so maybe I'll do that as well. I'll post the pics of the designs for your delectation! Currently I'm entering two pieces of art into an open art exhibition at the Allen Gallery here in Alton. Missed the opportunity last year so determined not to this year! 

As concerns my articles/anecdotal writings, we - Husband and me - are attending an open mike evening at a local restaurant. This consists of writers and musicians doing their thing at the mike and artists showing their work, so giving us creatives the opportunity to show off a bit, and have a drink and grub. It also gives an opportunity to crank up the confidence, something I've learned over the years! Meanwhile I'm continuing with the editing of The Novel. I'll post a portion soon. 

We've started planning our travels. We're returning to Edinburgh pre-Xmas. Did this last year and loved it. Xmas will be spent in Looe, in Cornwall. Ditto last year. Love Looe. Our fave coastal town, especially watching idiots swimming on Xmas day! After that, Madeira is planned for January/February, then a trip to Transylvania. Land of Drrracularrr. Always fancied Transylvania. It's a fact that we need to travel at that time of year. For my mental health, for His Greatness's (ie. Husband) general health. The rest of the year caters to our 10yr old twin granddaughters, narrow boating trips, and various other UK trips. 

There we go. Up to date. I will be posting again soon, so watch this space!