18. Sep, 2016

Open Mic Night at Secret Garden Restaurant, Hampshire

Wednesday night excellent! Open mic night with creative mates at the Secret Garden restaurant owned by our neighbour, Pete. The idea of open mics, of which there are numerous, is anyone of a creative bent, so to speak, has a turn in front of the mike and sings, read out anecdotes, tell rubbish jokes (they're not all rubbish)...whatever. An opportunity for unsung - sorry - creatives to show off their works. Some even bring their art along.

For me, it all started around a couple or three years ago when the tutor of my writing group at the time invited members along to his open mike nights held in the restaurant where our meetings happened. Husband and me went along eventually (I was struggling with depression back then), and both of us - Husband also writes - took to the mike. I had grown used to reading out loud to my group, all of whom were good friends, so reading to a strange crowd didn't actually bother me! And Husband was fine. He'd done presentations at work to hundreds at a time at work and he has quite a buzz out of these evenings.

Back to Wednesday, I read out 'Thirty Seven Years Later' (about marriage to Husband - which is fab, incidentally), and Husband read a funny piece out with great panache, as usual. We've got more evenings lined up by our lovely friend, Jilly, who runs our current writing group, which is enormous fun, and happened on Friday morning.