29. Sep, 2016

Looking Back...storms, the blog, sculpture.

...Not years. Just a few Facebook postings to see where I've been and what I've done recently, plus various musings.

Storms. Yes - storms. Love 'em! I don't hide under quilts, I open the windows and lean out, watching, waiting to be struck by lightning (very rare, that). A couple of weeks ago we had one jinormous storm - the whole shebang - one night here in southern UK. It didn't rain initially, so seemed almost surreal to watch the sky flashing and bolts cracking down. At one point the thunder echoed across the valley. I heard it echo. Wow.

I'm going to be rich and famous. Well, perhaps well known. Ish. Perhaps. In creative circles. One can only hope. I'm working on this blog, in the hopes that some of the writing - novel and articles - give some pleasure. I've joined umpteen Facebook writing and art sites, and I've just joined Twitter, although that's still a mystery to me, but I've read many on many Google sites how good it is for promotion of blogs. So Twitter I must. On a very positive note, one mental health association have mailed me, asking me to blog for them. Brilliant!

Sculpture. I love it. I used to model small items/things in clay, which I love. I'm not a brilliant sculptor, but I have created some good stuff in balsa wood, and know I could do better. So I joined a sculpture course and I am enjoying it despite the fact that I struggle a bit. The first item was a small clay figure. Yes, I think it's rubbish, but it is recognisable, even though the legs fell off in my handbag. Then it was a garden sculpture made of ciment fondu. Yes - ciment fondu. The process is complicated and I vowed I'd never do it again, and I was the messiest student. My latest object is another figure, made out of paper clay and chicken wire to give it support. So far it really is rubbish and looks rude. My kind tutor assures me it will look like a figure by the time I've finished with it. Oh, yeah? Right now it looks like a ... This, in the photo, is how it should look!