4. Oct, 2016

Where I live...

 It's Alton, in Hampshire, in the UK. We're an hour by rail to London, and about the same to the south coast. And twenty minutes from Winchester, in Hampshire. We're a medium sized historic rural market town. Been here for over thirty years and I love it. Oh, forgot to mention - Jane Austen lived in Chawton, which is just up (or down) the road. She died in Winchester in 1817, I think it was. She's not my fave writer. I had to read Pride and Prejudice for my O Level (pre UK GCSEs) English Lit exams. I read it three times to try and take it in. I hated it and still do.

Our house is a detached seveties build in a cul-de-sac on a not-unattractive estate on the fringe of town. Yes, it's modern, but we love it. It's got a conservatory and utility room, upstairs and downstairs loos and the biggest rear garden in the road. Boast-boast. I really love our garden. I was brought up with a big garden, and I've loved biggies ever since. All three of our married pads have had the biggest garden of our neighbours. Lovely.

We've started to make up for thirty years of neglect in the house. What with Husband's work, bringing up the kids, and my depression, it was very difficult to keep on top of clean and tidy, and I'm not the most domesticated of animals! I'm the clutterbug in the house as well. His Lordship despairs of me sometimes. :-O Today I began cleaning the metal frame round our sitting room windows. The cream cleanser revealed the sparkling WHITE beneath what I thought were white metal frames. Wow. A not particularly amazing thing, but to us it smacked of: 'Wow!' So this is what we're doing. Tarting up the pad. Buying decent furniture. Cleaning. It's quite good, actually. We can't have the rambling, historic pad we'd have loved (just think of the maintenance), but there's nothing to stop us interior decorating to our heart's content.