10. Oct, 2016


I love antique curios. You could argue that I am one. This amazing place was found by Husband by Googling, as one does, 'antiques Hampshire'. It's a socking great warehouse/ex- offices/ex- factory on an industrial estate in Winchester, full to the brim with STUFF. It's also got a great coffee shop (vital). We will return (Arnie) cuz I loved it. I bought a box circa 1910s - maybe - of Tidleywinks (not Tiddleywinks). I have yet to research this. It currently sits gathering dust on our dining room sideboard, waiting for me to find a hole big enough for it in one of my curio cupboards. You don't want to see my curio cupboards. One of them is neat and tidy and arranged lovingly, the others are simply a repository for my 'junk', as the family kindly call it. Hah. I'll show them!