10. Oct, 2016


What the hell is it? You may well ask. It's my latest sculpture. It's actually made of a chicken wire centre, a supporting stick, and paper clay. I love clay. This sculpture course, taking place in the adult education centre in Farnham, Surrey, UK, is one of the first non-virtual courses I've done since my brain righted itself, and I'm loving it. My fellow students are great and Yvonne, our tutor, is dappy and lovely. She's my new BF but she doesn't know it, yet. Anyway, this horrendous thing began life as a very rude looking thing, looking nothing like what I had intended initially. But a week later this old crone had materialised in my brain and here she is. Grizelda. All witchy old crones are Grizelda, and I have one on a broomstick in my conservatory/art studio, hanging there to scare the pants off my granddaughters. My son hates it, too. As for clay Grizelda, looking at her now, her hunchback is possibly a bit exaggerated, but, hell - this is art.