10. Oct, 2016

World Mental Health Day

On a slightly more serious note, it's World Mental Health day (10th October). I'm going mad sending my blog to various ppl and groups. I've had various responses too. Many likes, occasional wants to follow, and even one or two want to write something about me or want me to write for them. Fabulous!

Want I'd like to do, apart from reach out to creatives with mental health issues and hopefully make them chuckle a bit, is to bring mental health problems to the forefront. I was brought up to not 'indulge myself' by discussing mental health. 'Go out and dig the garden'. 'Do some painting.' (I couldn't paint when I felt bad, but I could write about it, later in life). Mental health still isn't addressed the way it should be, and the fact that patients can't get the treatment that is available - depression is so curable - is ridiculous.

I still maintain that I was dead lucky to find the necessary treatment to suit me, through the brilliant mental health team who my lovely neighbour had worked for. While I was in the midst of darkness, dear Husband had gone out into our close, unable to cope, and brought neighbours into our bedroom. It was our neighbour's dear daughter who'd said: 'Mum - you used to work for the mental health team. Have you got their number?'

Two years later I was cured. Literally. But it took a lot of work. The right medication and cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And my brilliant husband (the care of carers are also not addressed properly). Two years later he's still suffering from the effects of long term caring for me, caring for our children, and a stressful job. It's going to take a little longer for him to recover, I think.