10. Oct, 2016

Kitty Le Roy

You may have noticed that I'm heavily (understatement) into the wild west, particularly the roles played by rough n' tough gun totin' gals who defied convention and took on jobs traditionally done by men. And there were hundreds of them. Why my fascination for the west? Haven't a clue. Apart from having a couple of great great uncles (maternal and paternal) who went west to prospect during the 1890s (the maternal one lived in Dawson City, and his gold rush cabin is now a holiday rental. I have no choice but to go there...). Anyway, I think I must be a reincarnation of Calamity Jane perhaps.

Over the years I've accumulated the gear, including my Colt revolvers and Bowie knife, and Husband (aka Jack Coltrane, a quack doctor in black tie and tails) has always joined me in this buckskin brigade biz (I tell him that he promised to do so at our wedding service). I'm Kitty Le Roy, who existed, fully armed, and was killed by husband number five, although my persona now is more either Captain Ellen Jack, a British blonde gun totin' prospector, or better still, Sally Skull (real name, Skull), who was a terrifying horse trader and rancher during the mid 19th century, often dressed in pants, and who was a brilliant shot.

We've done many living history camps and Kitty became quite well known. Unfortunately depression and anxiety hit big time some years ago and prevented me doing any more events. But now, after several years, Kitty's back! And may she play on. Yee -haw!

ps. One final thaing...thing - I have a Facebook page, Kitty Le Roy's Wild West Saloon, and a website, Kitty Le Roy's Wild West. Feel free to drop in fer a jaw and a slug of snakebite/whiskey. Leave the hoss dung on yer boots outside.