9. Nov, 2016

Painting and Props Person

This past weekend I finally got to do some scenery painting!

I'd considered joining our local amateur dramatics and operatic society with intentions of doing just that - something artistic, as well as prop sourcing. Went along on Sunday as they're preparing for Noel Coward's Private Lives. Matinee Saturday afternoon and main performance on Saturday night, so it was all go.

Always a bit scary meeting new people but they were lovely. I ended up painting more yellow to cover the joins in the scenery cuz they showed up a bit. Bare in mind also that the paint work doesn't have to be pristeen because the audience are out there and watching the cast, not the background! Another thing I like about a group like this is that you're meeting all sexes and all ages. Great stuff. The props lying around were appropriate for 1920s/30s Mediteranean. I met the director and one of the actresses in her 30s wig. Plus the guys working on the scenery, and watched while a young man played with the lighting up in the Gods. It's all taking place in Alton Assembly rooms, which were built during the 1890s (or so...).

In recent years all the crappy sixties ceiling and other coverings were stripped out to reveal the original Victorian/Edwardian decor. Brilliant. I love it! We won't be attending the shows cuz we're not theatre goers and Noel Coward ain't our thang, but I'm certainly happy to help out artistically. And it's something to tick off my bucket renaissance soul list! Not only that, but it's helping towards me meeting new folk after all those years of shying away from everything.

So - good stuff!