21. Nov, 2016

It Started With Travel Pics...

I'm almost through Smartphotographing our entire collection of family photograph albums. What started it was the desire to describe and post on my blog my/our travels (especially abroad), because the majority are stuck in numerous little red photo albums. Remember those? Those gummed surfaces to stick the photo down and the cellophane covers that protect them? Anyway, I started to take shots (there're probably easier ways of doing this, but I'm too stubborn to think about that...) of the various countries we/I've visited, then veered off. Ooh, that's a nice one of Husband leaning against the Triumph Herald (yes, we've owned a classic vehicle or two...), think I'll snap that one. And off I went. Decided that it's an utter shame that all these goodies are stuck into albums probably never to be seen again. And in this digital day and age, let's get them out and onto the laptop. Hurrah!

In so doing, I've been reminded about all the good times I've had over the years. From the mental health point of view, this practice is an excellent method of looking back and seeing that, no, I wasn't non-stop depressed all that time. And, in slow motion, I was able to watch the growing up of our two kids. And coming across some brilliant shots I'd forgotten we had. It's been quite a surprise, and rather fun as well. I fully recommend it.

One more box to go. Then I can begin sharing 'em.