28. Nov, 2016

That Bucket List

Did you know that only 7% of the population (I've read this a couple of times) plan their lives? Most folk drift along, hopefully. I've just read the blog of a young UK author who's 28 next year, who wants to accomplish twenty-eight things before then. Excellent. Having recovered from crappy depression, my bucket list is very intentional. I do intend to do these things before I'm a hundred.
One of them is archery, which I used to do, but depression put a stop to it. Must return. Farnham, Surrey - just up the road - have a good club. Another is snorkeling. Never done it. Slightly nervous. Anyone else done it? Another is archaeology. Keep seeing voluntary digs, but often in the wrong places. Keep trying. Another, less feasable, is tv/film extra. I want to be the person sitting at the back of a bus, reading, or better still, in a cafe. Or one of millions, doing silly things in silly costumes. The thing putting me off were the (extremely) early starts. I'm not an early starter. No kidding. Zzzzzz. Still working on that one. Must update my bucket list.