1. Dec, 2016

Out and About

Today, a drive in my Mini Cooper to Chichester, West Sussex, for coffee next to the canal, followed by a walk through the old back streets and along the ancient Roman wall. And the weather was fab. Glorious. The drive took us from home in Alton, Hampshire, through Selborne, then South Harting in West Sussex, to Chichester. Now don't ask me which route we used because I haven't the foggiest. Husband can tell you that navigationally I am notoriously challenged.

Anyway, a lovely, simple trip out. A simple pleasure that we must make the most of, and making the most of these simple pleasures is part of what life is all about, because this kind of thing is what life generally consists of. The big adventures, the exotic holidays, the off-best hobbies – of which I'm working on as we speak – don't happen every day, so don't spend time yearning for that trip to Norway to see the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), which we're hoping to do next year. Appreciate the here and now. We really appreciated the here and now today!

It's so good to enjoy myself without the knowledge that I would return home and depression would highly likely engulf me at some point. I enjoyed trips out, always did, but returning home was an emotional pain and we worked out why. Highly likely because most of my depressions happened at home and so that was what the home was associated with. So, many CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) sessions with Husband – he was brilliant at it, I'm so fortunate – and around two years after my initial treatments, to feel good out and about, and finally feel fine about being at home – oh! Wonderful! That whole beast has been squished underfoot, and there it will stay.

Out and about and loving it.