17. Dec, 2016

It's a Disaster Dahling!

      It all started with the installation of a new boiler into our kitchen this year. The old boiler (not me - the one in the utility room) had been inefficient. But it had kept the conservatory from freezing during the winter, thus preventing the useless tiny radiator in there from freezing and bursting. Replacing the boiler had been the last thing on our minds over the years since Husband was working full time and I was kid-caring full time and struggling with depression.                                                                                                                           

     When I was cured, we were child free and retired and set to rebuilding our lives and our home, which included replacing the old boiler (not me, although that had been tempting...). In so doing, the conservatory was left to possibly freeze this winter. Husband decided that there's no time like the present to get shot of it, a job that wasn't horrendous as his plumbing is pretty damn good.

      In order to remove the radiator he had to drain the pipes. Done, which meant no heating just for the night, which is manageable because we have a coal/wood fire. But he'd had to plug the open end of a pipe (plastic pipes which also need replacing. Bought our 1970s detached home thirty years ago and inherited a load of problems). Pipe was in an exposed bit of wall above our computer in the dining room. (Yes - you can guess where I'm going with this...!).

      Last night, around eight or nine pm, everything blacked out. The ominous sound of pouring water tinkled from the dining room. Yours Truly leaped into action while Husband yelled out that he's trying to find the torch. I groped around for the required torch while the sound of water continued. Grabbed the plastic washing up bowl and fumbled towards computer. Water poured from pipe, down onto printer, onto computer, onto floor. Water pooled our faux wood flooring. I balanced bowl on printer then belted into utility room for bucket. Bowl filled up with hot water, so bunged bucket into bowl and water poured into that. Water dribbled to a stop. Husband upstairs looked through hole in floorboards above (initially created to sort the pipe out) having tried to shut the water off up there. Phew!

     Disasters come in threes. The water had shorted the computer. So now we're drying out computer and keyboard etcetera. The place is a disaster, dahling.

      This morning, son had been washing his kit. Pounded upstairs.

      'Washing machine's not working!'

      It wasn't. Had collapsed just before the rinse cycle. It's ancient. As old as our marriage. About time - but now? Aarrrghhh! Or something like that. We've ordered a newbie now, to arrive tomorrow.

       Now we're sitting among the wreckage of our house. Among all my cursings and swearings last night - these things DO happen - had decided that, oh, well, the computer corner had desperately needed a good do over, and table and computer needed replacing. Everything's been neglected for far too long.

       But one thing I've been really pleased about. Throughout, I haven't panicked or moaned or sighed that it was all too much and flounced back to my bedroom, and Husband was delighted with the way I'd almost calmly collected bowl and bucket and shoved them under the pouring water. I could never have coped with this three years ago.

      Today...eh well, just one of those things. *Grin*.