19. Dec, 2016

Looe For Xmas

We're off to Looe in Cornwall for Xmas. An apartment on an upper floor with balcony (brrr...) overlooking the estuary. Gorgeous. We did this last year, so I know we'll enjoy it. Last year I took zillions of pics from our balcony at night, looking out over the town and upriver, Christmas lights shimmering all over the place. A truly magical sight. I also have a lovely picture of Husband, taken as we walked along the wharfside.

     We're hoping a local pub will be open for a couple of hours over lunch on Christmas Day as it was last year. And last year the surf was up and numerous surfing nutcases did their mad thing on The Day as well, as did several bonkers swimmers. We witnessed this lot sploshing through the surf and yelling and taking the plunge on our Xmas afternoon stroll on the beach. Bonkers! An even bigger BBRRRR!!!

     One thing I really loved about last year was literally waking up to a vision of the sea, particularly complete with those surfers riding the waves, and probably tumbling off their boards and into the crashing surf. Hilarious.

     'There goes another! Haw-haw!' I cackled as Husband handed me my waking-up cuppa (Yes – cup of tea in bed. Gotta problem with that? :-D!).

     And there was the artist who stood below us at his easel every day, painting the same scene. We could see his painting more closely if we zoomed in through Husband's telephoto lens for a photo. He was even there on Xmas day, if a tad later, probably after he'd opened his pressies. Towards the end of the week, I suggested that we say 'Hi' to him, and tell him we'd been spying on him all week. So we said 'Hi', but refrained from the spying comment. We did, however, ask how he was getting on. Apparently he was painting the same scene every day for a year, under all weather conditions, and was planning to hold an art exhibition locally. So that would be 365 paintings in all, of the same scene, under sunshine, rain, fog (that would be a grey canvas, I would guess. An easy painting day), drizzle, blizzard... What's the betting he's still there? I personally, as an artist, couldn't do that. It would drive me insane. I find it hard enough to do two pictures of the same subject.

     We did a number of walks, the longest being on Boxing Day. About four miles to the next bay and back. Husband knew there was a cafe there, the Black Rock Cafe, but we certainly weren't expecting it to be open. It was, and they were doing - if not a roaring trade - certainly very well, and we had fish and chips sitting next to a window, looking out over the surf. Heavenly. Our return finished on a footpath high above Looe. What a stunning sight! I took too many zillions of pics on my Smartphone to mention because it was all so fabulously photogenic, but I can't post them all here, unfortunately. I will endeavour to post a few at some stage.

     Well, we're off tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it. We're taking my fluffy pink Xmas tree, Rudolph, choc liquors, mint thin chocs, turkish delight, dates, chrystalised fruits, mince pies and pud, a christmas cake, two bottles of rose, Jim Beam for him and Drambui for me...