3. Jan, 2017

Don't We Just Lurve Artex?!

Been washing the kitchen ceiling. Romantic, huh? It's part of our endeavours to smarten the poor ol' house out after 30 years neglect while I've been out of sorts up north. It's one of those 1970s Artex ceilings with pointy texture (like a Xmas cake) that decorators threw on (or up, in this case) quickly to get the job done on a housing estate. The estate is a good one, very pleasant, and all the houses are fairly individual in style, but these ceilings - ug. As I've been sugar soaping it liberally with water - all good exercise, and getting thoroughly soaked in the process - I've been gobsmacked. We thought it was basically white with a fair sprinkling of cobwebs. Nooo. It's grey. Can see where I've washed it. it's sparkling. It's not a huge ceiling, but quite hard reaching up there, so will continue later before my arm drops off.