25. Jan, 2017

Sculpture, patterns then off to Madeira!

Sculpture course this afternoon. Really enjoying it! Quite pleased with my plaque. I may have passed A Level Art with this way back early seventies when I sculpted a clay relief for my art foundation year. That was rubbish (the clay relief, not the foundation year). Always wanted to improve my sculpture since those days, and think I have. 😊

I love meeting my fellow students. This is my third sculpture term at the Farnham Adult Education Centre in Surrey (just over the border from Hampshire, my neck of the woods). Different students each time, but one member met before with this one. All lovely peeps and a great giggle. Yvonne, our tutor, is brilliant, and I'm classing her as my mate. We've exchanged addresses. She looks little and fragile, but she hunks enormous great sacks of plaster and heavy sculptures around, seemingly without turning the proverbial hair. 'Health and safetly!' I yell at her.

I also have a pattern design to finish for my surface pattern design course submission tomorrow, then we're off to Madeira on Friday. Yes - Madeira! Yay! For a week. Double yay.  Feed the cat, someone. :-)