14. Feb, 2017


Bloody done it again, haven't I?! He gave me enough hints but I still forgot it, though the date was staring me in the face! Just kept thinking: 'Nearly 14th.' And it's daughter's birthday tomorrow! I do have a sort of excuse this year though, haven't I? Have I? Pretty please?

As usual, as I woke up, he slapped me on the head with a colossal sized card, and just to emphasise that, chucked a box of Roses chocs on top of that, then just to rub it in even harder, placed a chocolate rosebud carefully next to me. I said: 'Shit!' as is my wont on Valentine's Day. 'Cause I'd forgotten it. As Husband says, it wouldn't be the same if I did remember it. It's daughter's birthday tomorrow as well. During the week leading up to today, he always stands in front of Valentine's Day ads in the street. Hint hint. Plenty of time, I said/thought. Still early in the month. Even my phone date didn't register. *Sigh*.