6. Mar, 2017

Artwork Clean-up

I'm in the process of gathering artworks that I've done either over recent years (I have posted some of them before) or currently, from their hidey holes and cleaning 'em up. I've got some very presentable pieces but have never looked after them properly because I never really thought about it, and I've been quite rightly nagged (mostly by Husband) to look after them properly. So now I'm no longer depressed, I have no excuses. I'm making the effort to drag them out from wherever they've been hiding, dusting off the cobwebs and depriving the spiders of their homes, cleaning them up and signing them properly, and do whatever else needs doing to make them presentable - reframing if necessary - and putting them either on Etsy (I do have an account) or on Ebay, whichever comes first. The majority are size A3 or smaller. I have a selection on my Facebook page.