17. Apr, 2017

Howdy Hoo!


Never park your car - or walk - under a lamp post with a seagull perched on it. Without going into graphic detail, I've just spent the best part of a day cleaning a fortnight's worth of seagull poo off my lovely Mini Cooper. (First time I've really cleaned the first car I've ever owned. My precious Mini, which I lurrrve to drive! I've never owned my own car. Part owned, yes, with His Greatness (Husband), but never my own. And this is indeed something I relish since my brain cure).

     I digress. Seagulls and seaside. Returned on Friday from our first two week holiday in donkey's years. The west country. Minehead in Zoomerrzet (sorry – Somerset) and Looe Harbour in Cornwall. We've had many hols in Looe, and love it. And the weather was continuously glorious. Couldn't quite believe it. EVERY day was sunshiny and beautiful, with one day grey to start, then beautiful again, hence the multituinous quota of pics.

     So, one week in a quirky flat in a 1905 property (fab!) with balcony and view towards the sea in Minehead and the second week in Looe, in Rock Towers, a contemporary flat also with balcony, overlooking the estuary and out to sea, complete with whirlpool bath (once we found out how to switch it on). Here's just one of my umpteen zillion of photos taken, showing the sitting room. Apparently the building, one of three in a row that were built in 1905 (the hotel on the corner closest to the sea has this proclaimed in the wall), the building next to us on t'other side is now an old folks' home. (Was lounging on our balcony one gorgeous afternoon and one of their windows was open, through which a continuous drone of loud hymn music disturbed my peace. Some hymn music I like, but this....:-(...deary me. I gave up and absconded indoors).

     The view from the balcony presented us with the huge expanse of shiny, flat sanded bay when the tide was out, and, in the far distance, Butlins, looking like something out of Arabia, its white multiple tent-like exterior in tiny peaks on the horizon. Every been to Minehead Butlins? I have. Must have been back during the seventies, with one's beloved parents, when we decided on a day visit. I remember the monorail in the air – quite fun, but also the dire canteen, our table jutted up to the filthy (green mold on the other side – ew..) glass wall through which could watch swimmers doing their biz while we munched our chips. It's doubtlessly changed since then. One hopes.

     But I was rather surprised with Minehead. The other end, away from the town, was the lovely harbour end, its gorgeous little historic cottages ranged at the foot of the steepest, forested hill imaginable. Then there's the customary pub and harbour wall, and small boats of all description lolling down there, resting on the mud (only ever saw them on the mud!). A feast for the eyeballs. Too many photos, as usual.

     'Haven't you taken that one?' His Greatness (Husband) asked.

     'Not under these weather conditions.' Responded I.

     In the days to come, we climbed that wooded hill, managed very ably by me since I managed to lose a couple of stone over the last two or three years (he ran up portions, but I don't talk about that), walked to the historic part of Minehead which is absolutement GORGEOUS with a captil G! Too many photos later, again, I found out that it's used frequently as a backdrop for numerous historic dramas. It's delightful, and I'd love to return. The weather, was, again, glorious. Rich blue skies which made my photos look positively professional! We visited Dunster Castle and town. More history and surpisingly fewer visitors than we expected. We took the Somerset railway to West Bay, where we strolled by the harbour, imbibed our obligatory coffee, and perused a local antique shop, the innards of which seemed to go on forever. There I bought a small and silly pink glass vase which is, I have to say, in the best possible taste! Not. I loved it. He said: 'As long as I don't have to look at it.' *Humph*.