17. Apr, 2017

Eeh-ha! And all that...

Some of you may be aware that I'm wild about the west. :-D! (No kidding.) My western site, Kitty Le Roy's Wild West, has been running for some years now, as has my Facebook page Kitty Le Roy's Wild West Saloon. Many members and many posts later, one of my western friends, Madam Molly (from Tombstone, Arizona) informed me that I'd been running for around twelve years. I couldn't believe it.

   It's April, and this is the time of year I'm beginning to think about this particular part of me, cuz this is the start of the wild west living history camp season, roundups an' all. We all dig out our gear – clothes, tents, stoves, weapons (blank firing) etcetera. Clean off all the gunk accumulated over winter and get into the swing of it again.

     So – I have to update my site – I've been promising myself of that forever – re -add a whole section devoted to a list of southern (I'm Hampshire, UK) outfitters, stores, clubs, anything affiliated with the wild west, in other words, which somehow managed to get itself deleted. (I didn't do it, I swear. It was the computer...).

    We also have a cabin in the back garden – my shack, essentially, which holds all things western. Artefacts, art, posters, a skull (not human), fur rugs, and other kit associated with living history camping, which I finally managed to return to last summer after quitting several years ago due to depression and anxiety. And it was good. Met old friends, made new ones... And enjoyed myself after the initial nerves. What could be better? And it was local. We could go home if we needed a comfy bed.

     So - for anyone who may be interested, here's Kitty Le Roy's Wild West website:  www.kitty-le-roy.co.uk  Thankee, y'all!