'I've been writing my novel forever, on and off, particularly during young parenthood to help keep me sane! It's a beginning, muddle and end and is called Alias Jeannie Delaney. It's the life story of a devastating cowgirl/outlaw/jailbird/deputy/rancher/mayor who's the fastest gun in the west and also bisexual. I've been very self conscious and embarrassed about the subject matter, but since my recovery from depression have decided it's time to get it out there.'

     This is what I'm telling every Tom, Dick and Harriet, and any creative writing group who might be the slightest bit interested, in my endeavours to receive feedback. So I've joined a zillion Facebook creative writing, writing, novel writing dadehdah... groups to do just that. Some of it works. I've had some pretty good responses so far, so I'm not complaining. I've been very grateful in fact, to the people who have responded, some giving extremely good advice, much of which I hadn't even thought of. So, brilliant! Really pleased. Out of all this I've been reassured that it's a good plot and good writing that just has to be worked on.

     I have my moments. I get depressed, but those moments all stem from the fact that I'm still frustrated over it. I need to get it written! I need to get it out! Husband gets frustrated with me. Gives me all kinds of ideas on how to complete it. Planning. A chapter a week. Write up my progress on the whiteboard on the kitchen door. The idea works - for a while. But I'm a hopeless planner, and the whole thing gets put aside while I work on other projects.

     'You don't want to finish this, do you?' He asks.

     'Yes, I do!'

     As we speak, I'm printing out my chapters so that I can read them and apply what's been suggested to them. I have a couple of mentors. One of whom is the leader of our writing group. I post her a chapter and she gives me fabulous critiques. The other is our mutual friend, who does much the same. I also post chapters to close friends, most of whom read but rarely respond. Eh, well...  I've joined a couple of critique sites online, but the set ups look so complicated I'm not certain if anyone knows I'm there yet!

     Anyhoo... I've told all my contacts that I'm blogging about it so I thought I'd better begin. Maybe this will make me feel accountable. If anyone feels like having a read, please feel free. I need all the readers and critiquers (is that a real word?) I can get. I'll - definitely - be back.

Ps. Sharon Stone looks nothing like my heroine. Alternatively, as a role model, she's the nearest I've found in the movie world.